Understanding the 2-1-2 betting system: Strategy for Blackjack

Looking for an easy and safe online blackjack(korean: 온라인 블랙잭) stake plan? The 2-1-2 rewards hot streaks in the long run and might just cover your bankroll.

One of the simplest casino games to play is blackjack. Currently, at 바카라사이트, you can find a variety of online blackjack games open.

But when you can try a method, why throw your chips blindly into the virtual feeling?

It is easy to use and rewards players who go on hot streaks with the 2-1-2 betting system. To see how it works, let’s take a closer look.

How the blackjack system of 2-1-2 works

All the players in the casino will go on streaks. It’s important to know when to pause while on a hot streak with your bankroll. Also crucial is knowing when to pause when things don’t go too well.

The strategy of 2-1-2, or Manhattan, rewards blackjack players who hit a strong hand run.

The 2-1-2 operates a little like the d’Alembert scheme, except you first lower your bet instead of increasing your bet after a win. Win again and then the bet grows.

The hint is in the name of the system: players, for example, start with two units – £ 2. They reduce their bet to £1 if they hit a winning hand. Win again, and your bet will leap to £ 3. Win once more, and the bet leaps to £ 4.

However, you go back to your initial £ 2 stake if the dealer wins. Again, the player begins. You drop down a unit whether you lose or win, before you win.

We’ve chosen a regular European blackjack game, and the insurance bet is not taken from our player. In blackjack, payouts are 1/1 for beating the dealer. 3/2 is charged by a natural blackjack.

After our first £ 2 hand is won, we drop down to £ 1. We’re losing and holding to the £ 1 stake again. We win, and then go on a four-handed winning streak before we lose. Then we drop down to our initial stake and win again. Until we turn stuff around, our stake fall again.

As you can see, we have still ended up in profit despite hitting three losing hands (including our stake). A hot streak that came right in the middle of the session rewarded us.

Advantages and drawbacks of the 2-1-2 stake strategy ##

There is no question that the framework of 2-1-2 is all about security. Profits are covered by falling first, then rising. The stakes return to their original level if the dealer wins.

The scheme also rewards players who have hit a hot streak. But in blackjack, hot streaks don’t occur all the time. To beat the dealer, players need to follow an optimum approach, and even then there is a tiny house edge to contend with.

The house edge can be approximately one percent depending on the variant of blackjack. That means the casino wins £ 1 for every £ 100 from the player over the long term.

Of course, we will hit blackjack during our hot streak, paying 3/2. In our example above, that is not factored in.

We would probably lose about the same number of hands as we win during a regular blackjack game. The advantage of 2-1-2 is, then, that our stakes are never really too high. They still revert back to 2 units after a loss. And after another victory, for one side, they’ll even be reduced.

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